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Counting Omer of the Ages

7 Weeks of Healing


    Sunset February 23rd, 2018– Sunset April 13th 2018

    Counting Omer of the Ages


    The Counting of Omer is a very beautiful practice that Jayson and I have embraced through the Hebrew Tradition. It is a time of year that is associated with the transition from winter to summer through the Living Waters of Love. This timely event is always practiced during the Spring of the year starting on the day after Passover. As the years have passed, we have grown to understand that a direct connection can be made from within ourselves through the tracings of the Meridian System.

    Recently, while Jayson and I were discussing the various times of the year, he remembered when Mother Mary came to visit him around 40 years ago, teaching him about the Transition of the Ages. It occurred to him, that there must be another time of counting Omer, because there is always 2 parts of a day (yin and yang), the month is divided into yin and yang through the course of the moon, and so why not, a yin and yang for the year! We knew about the Yin and Yang side of the year through the Hebrew Tradition, but this new concept of understanding where the transition actually began was a new question. The question was, "Where?"

    That answer was slowly determined as Jayson studied how the Transition of the Ages work... In the Vision given to Jayson by Mother Mary, in 1970, he saw Seven - Seven Year periods (Seven Weeks) of time unfolding, beginning in 1949 and ending in 1998 for a total of 49 years.

    He was taught over time that this 49 year period of time is called the Transition of the Ages and that during the Seven Weeks of Years of the Transition of the Ages the Seven Spirits of the Elohim bring their lessons from the old age and translates and uplifts their lessons of Light , Love and Energy into the new age.

    "Count off seven sabbath years (seven weeks of years)--seven times seven years--so that the seven sabbath years amount to a period of forty-nine years. Leviticus 25:8


    The similarity of the Counting of the days of Omer and the Counting of the Years of the Transition finally soaked in. There is a transition of the Ages at the beginning of an age and at the end of an age. Therefore, Counting of Omer must be twice in a Year, once in the Spring and once in the Fall. The midpoint of Fall season is the Fall equinox and the midpoint of the Spring Season is the Spring Equinox. If the Equinox is the midpoint of Omer, of each season, then you must count backward from the equinox 24 days to find the beginning of Omer and count forward from the equinox 24 days to find the end of Omer.

    The Year and The Three Mothers

    The three Hebrew Letters associated with the keeping of the four seasons of the year are Aleph, Mem and Shin. These three letters are called the Three Mother Letters.

    Aleph The Mother Letter associated with winter is Aleph. Aleph is invisible and is the spark of God in Heaven and Earth joined. She is silent yet she begins the sound of every letter. When you open your mouth to speak, stop! that is Aleph. She is the beginning of all things.
    Shin The Mother letter associated with the summer is the letter Shin. Shin is the Mother of Fire of the Holy Spirit, the Comforter and the giver of all the gifts of God.
    Mem The Mother letter associated with the period of time of the Counting of Omer is Mem, the Mother of Living waters. Her time is twice a year during the Counting of Omer. As Yeshua said, "Out of your belly shall flow "Living Waters".


    During the seven weeks (49 days) of Omer, there is not only a balancing of the energies of Yin and Yang but an infusion of the Truths from the Old Age into the new age and the present of here and now. The Counting of Omer is not only about embracing truth but it is a prayer for the uplifting of humanity into the remembrance of our true nature which is Love.

    These seven weeks of Omer are a period of Grace in which our Spiritual lessons are much more easily absorbed. During these 7 weeks we can bring balance and harmony into our own bodies and lives by greeting the Spirit and Light that empowers each day and receive it into our own bodies, into our lives and into the collective consciousness of humanity.

    Each of the Seven Weeks of Omer introduces us to one of the Seven Spirits of the Elohim to bring Healing, Peace, Abundance, Joy, Love and Happiness to us as well as all of humanity.

    1. First Week -- Red Ray of the Spirit of Hope brings healing and balance into:

      • Our Bodies, the First Chakra, Circulatory/Lymph System, Gall Bladder and Heart Meridians

    2. Second Week -- Orange Ray of the Spirit of Faith brings healing and balance into:

      • Our Mind, the Second Chakra, Digestive System, Small Intestine and Liver Meridian.

    3. Third Week -- Yellow Ray of the Spirit of Love brings healing and balance into:

      • Our Soul, the Third Chakra, Respiratory System, Bladder and Lung Meridians

    4. Fourth Week -- Green Ray of the Spirit of OM brings healing and balance into:

      • Our Spirit, the Heart Chakra, Muscular System, Large Intestine and Kidney Meridians

    5. Fifth Week -- Blue Ray of the Spirit of Christ brings healing and balance into:

      • Our Will, the Throat Chakra, Skeletal System, Stomach and Pericardium Meridians

    6. Sixth Week -- Indigo Ray of the Holy Spirit brings healing and balance into:

      • Our Higher Self, the Third Eye Chakra, Brain and Nerve System, Stomach and Pericardium Meridians

    7. Seventh Week -- Violet Ray of the Spirit of God brings healing and balance into:

      • Our Sacred Heart, the Crown Chakra, Endocrine System, Triple Warmer and Spleen Meridians


    Starting the evening of the 23rd of February, 2018 we will begin our practice of Honoring the Transition into the Yang side of the Calendar Year by counting Omer and invite you to join with us if you feel inspired to practice in this way.

    The practice of Counting Omer fills us with Great Hope. We feel that as we observe and honor the Wisdom of the Ages... we are asking for this Knowledge to be renewed from within us and around us. By uniting the past knowledge with the present knowledge from within us, it is our hope that we may be born anew and be of greater service to humanity.

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