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Leslie and Jayson

Leslie and Jayson

We find a great joy in the Healing and Attunement Process of Usui Reiki Ryoho, Ascension Reiki and Reiju Reiki. We feel a deep calling and commitment to the sharing of the knowledge of Reiki with everyone. We feel that Reiki is one of the keys for bringing Healing, Peace, Abundance, Joy, Love and Happiness throughout the world. We offer each month Free Attunements in Usui Reiki, Ascension Reiki and Reiju Reiki.

Reiki Healing is Easy

Reiki Healing Energy is very easy to work with and requires no previous experience. The gift of Reiki Healing is easily received through an Attunement. Reiki healing energy begins to flow through a person when they receive an attunement. The Creator is the giver of the attunement and the Reiki Master is only a facilitator in the process. After receiving an attunement, Reiki energy will automatically flow through you for healing and personal growth. The Attunements of Reiki Ryoho and Ascension Reiki and Reiju Reiki will automatically integrate with and compliment all other forms of Reiki or energy work.

A Reiki Treatment brings healing, balance and well-being. A Reiki Attunement is in a way like receiving a permanent Reiki Treatment. The receiver is enabled through the Attunement to be connected with Reiki at all times. The Reiki begins flowing through you to help heal and improve your whole life. Reiki becomes always available for the healing of others and one's self.

Free Attunements

We both work for a living to support ourselves our Reiki Practice and this website. We offer Reiki freely in Love and service to humanity. There is suffering in the world and many people are having financial hardships. We feel that Reiki should be available to everyone so we offer Free Attunements in Usui Reiki and Ascension Reiki and Reiju Reiki once a month.  

Reiki as a Profession

Reiki is an honorable, helpful and healing occupation comparable to massage or any other energy work.  Those who choose to make a living or charge for Reiki treatments and classes will, in a good way, help shift the consciousness of how we live, grow and prosper on earth.

Many people choose to barter or trade their Reiki services.  Other people choose to keep it more on a personal level and help themselves, family and friends with Reiki treatments.

When the Master Yeshua sent out his disciples to heal the sick He told them to give freely but not to hesitate in receiving hospitality because those who work deserve to be fed and supported. (Matthew 10:8-10)

I think Yeshua was saying not to turn anyone away that needed healing but accept support when it is offered. We give Reiki Attunemets freely and turn no one away who wishes to be attuned in Reiki. We also send Reiki Certificates to everyone we attune at no charge to help them get started in their Reiki Practice.  However we do accept donations of support and greatly appreciate them no matter how great or small.

Receiving Reiki Attunements

There is no problem in receiving all of the attunements in Usui Reiki, Ascension Reiki and Reiju Reiki in one attunement session.  Reiki Energy is very gentle and intelligent. It unfolds in your life as you practice and as you are ready.   You progress at your own pace.  Usui Reiki is the Basic Reiki that enables the Reiki energy to begin to flow in your life for healing and personal growth.  Ascension Reiki is more about attuning and unblocking your own subtle anatomy for a deeper flow of Reiki Energy. Reiju Reiki is about connecting with the Reiki Source, the Reiki Presence in your life.  These three are really well integrated as a system of Reiki Unfoldment.

Write to us at and request an Attunement in Usui Reiki, Ascension Reiki or Reiju Reiki or all three. Please include your full name and your location: City, State and Country.
In Light and Love,
Leslie and Jayson

Usui Reiki Ryoho

1. You will receive Attunements in the Four Degrees of Usui Reiki Ryoho listed below.

o Shoden- (Reiki I) (1st Degree Reiki Practitioner)
o Okuden- (Reiki II) (2nd Degree Reiki Practitioner)
o Shinpiden-(Reiki III) (3rd Degree Reiki Master/Practitioner)
o Shihan- (Reiki IV) (4th Degree- Master/Teacher)

Ascension Reiki

2. You will Receive the 1st- 10th Degree attunements of Ascension Reiki
1st Degree -Acting Body
2nd Degree- Thinking Body
3rd Degree- Feeling Body
4th Degree- Karmic Body
5th Degree- Mind
6th Degree- Soul
7th Degree- Spirit
8th Degree- Will
9th Degree- Higher Self
10th Degree- Sacred Heart

Monthly Reiju Reiki Attunement

Mt.BakerHello Friends,
We invite you to join with us in the monthly Reiju Reiki Reiki Attunement. You are also welcome to invite family and friends to join with you in this experience. We look forward to sharing in the Spirit of Love and Friendship that is given to us by Our Creator in this Reiju Reiki Attunement Experience. Whether you have the opportunity to join with us or you have been given a different path to walk on this day, you are always remembered through the opening offerings of prayers and intentions.
In Light and Love,
Jayson and Leslie

For the beginner who has never been attuned in Reiki, the Reiju Reiki Attunement opens the flow of Reiki in and through the receiver and enables them to begin the practice of Reiki on themselves and their family.

For the Reiki Practitioner or Reiki Master of any form of Reiki, Reiju Reiki improves the flow of Reiki Energy in and through you and your Reiki Practice. Reiju Reiki further opens and unblocks energy pathways of the subtle anatomy of our whole being increasing the flow Reiki Healing Energy in and through:

  1. The Acting Body (physical body and its systems)
  2. The Thinking Body (auras around the body and pranas within the body)
  3. The Feeling Body (the chakras system)
  4. The Karmic Body (the meridian system)
  5. The Mind
  6. The Soul
  7. The Spirit
  8. The Will
  9. The Higher Self
  10. The Sacred Heart (The heart of hearts within the heart)

As well as deepening the flow of Reiki in and through our total subtle anatomy, Reiju deepens our connection with Our One Creator and our walk with Our One Creator on the Path of Reiki. The Practice of Reiju offers an opportunity for each of us to be "reiju-venated". We can both receive Reiki and share Reiki in All that is Light and All that is Love. In the Reiju Attunement we receive Reiki from our One Creator and in so doing we can also enter into the Practice of Service through Surrender, and our Reiju time becomes an offering, through the Light of Faith to join Hands, Hearts and Minds, with the Hope, to become part of the Repair and Restoration of a broken and shattered world.

Picture in your Mind's Eye a Time and Space where All of The Children of our One Creator are Gathered as One Family in Re-Membrance of Our One True Home. The Picture is filled with Light and Love as we join together across the Globe in Service in our Quest for, "Tikkun Olam", the Repair of the World.

Feel the Growing Unity built through the threading together of All who are gathered in the Heavens and on this Earth. It is a most Auspicious Time and Space to Pray for All Souls, All Creatures Great and Small and All Creation.
Attunement Procedure
Begin your day in a calm, relaxed manner. Think about and be thankful for the precious gift of the Reiju Attunement you are to receive. If you feel led you can pray, meditate, and dedicate the receiving of the attunements to be of service to family, friends and all humanity. Feel and observe the energy coming to you as you prepare for and receive your Reiju Attunement. This is a very personal time of preparation and you should prepare in the way that seems most natural to you.

The Reiju Attunement takes about an hour. At the appointed time sit in a comfortable place and be open to receive. In the quiet of this calm place, observe and experience the Reiju Attunement and the energy and the unfoldment of Love it brings into your everyday walk on the path of Reiki.

The Attunement Schedule for All Attunements 2018

(Usui Reiki ~ Ascension Reiki ~ Reiju Reiki)

The Reiki Attunement time is always at the same time, 11:00am Central Time Zone U.S.A. Below are the attunement dates for 2018 for Usui Reiki, Ascension Reiki and Reiju Reiki and a few listing of attunement times in different countries.


Saturday January 20th
SSaturday February 17th
Saturday March 17th
Saturday April 21st
Saturday May 19th
Saturday June 16th
Saturday July 14th
Saturday August 11th
Saturday September 15th
Saturday October 13th
Saturday November 10th
Saturday December 8th

Usui Reiki Attunement Procedure

Ascension Reiki Attunement Procedure

Reiju Reiki Attunement Procedure

Group Attunement Procedure

Donations Welcome

After receiving an attunement, many people ask us if there is anything they could do for us. In response to this question we will thankfully receive any donation you choose to offer and use it to help support our work with Reiki and this website. We greatly appreciate and thank you for your support.