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Symbol Name Degree

Anatomical Healing
Draw the symbol and send it into the person for the healing of the Systems listed below



Rainbow Woman/Man Indalo

1st Degree

Healing Hands


Acting Body - Gross Body

  • The Five Senses
  • Seven Bodily System Circulatory, Digestive, Respiratory, Muscular, Skeletal, Brain and Nerve System and Endocrine System


Eye of Melchizedek

2nd Degree

Keys of the Kingdom

Thinking Body - Subtle Body

  • Five Pranas within the Body
  • Seven Auras around the Body



3rd Degree

Universal Language

Feeling Body-Causal Body

Chakra System

  • Five Front Body Chakras
  • Seven Chakras on Spine


Logos of the Circle Seven

4th Degree

Spirit of Hope

Karmic Body-Atmic Body
Karmic Healing

  • Circulatory System

Gall Bladder Meridian (Yang)
Heart Meridian (Yin)

Hebrew Letter (Beit)


Wellspring of Nirvana

5th Degree

Spirit of Faith

The Mind

  • Digestive System

Small Intestine Meridian (Yang)
Liver Meridian (Yin)

Hebrew Letter (Gimel)


Breath of the Eternal

6th Degree

Spirit of Love

The Soul

  • Respiratory System

Bladder Meridian (Yang)
Lung Meridian (Yin)

Hebrew Letter (Daled)


Fountain of Youth

7th Degree

Spirit of OM

The Spirit

  • Muscular System

Large Intestine Meridian (Yang)
Kidney Meridian (Yin)

Hebrew Letter (Kaf)


The Shining Way

8th Degree

Spirit of Christ

The Will

  • Skeletal System

Stomach Meridian (Yang)
Pericardium Meridian (Yin)

Hebrew Letter (Pei)



9th Degree

Spirit of the
Holy Spirit

The Higher Self

  • Brain and Nerve System

Stomach Meridian (Yang)
Pericardium Meridian (Yin)

Hebrew Letter (Reish)

The Elohim

The Elohim

10th Degree

Spirit of God

The Sacred Heart

  • Endocrine System

Triple Warmer Meridian (Yang)
Spleen Meridian (Yin)

Hebrew Letter (Tav)


Click on the Symbols above to learn more about them and to learn how to draw them.  All of the symbols can be used in hands on healing, distant healing, emotional healing and karmic healing. Draw the symbol or symbols and send them into the person recieving the Reiki Treatment.  They can be used seperately or together.  Use your intuition and let youself be guided from within.