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The History of Ascension Reiki


Jayson and Leslie

Leslie says that I really need to share the story of Ascension Reiki and its origin. It has been a long process that has taken almost 40 years of working directly with the Ascended Masters. I have been reluctant in the past to share this story because of the depth of some of the experiences that led to my receiving of Ascension Reiki. In sharing of these experiences there is a certain vulnerability that is experienced in sharing of personal experiences. With that said I humbly share the most relevant events of this journey with Our Creator in Hope that they might be of help in gaining insights into Ascension Reiki and into your own journey upon the path of Enlightenment.

The Attunement process of Ascension Reiki has been an evolutionary one.  It has come as a natural unfoldment of the understanding of Dr. Usui's Reiki Ryoho and its relationship to our anatomical function and the teachings of the Ascended Masters and Our One Creator.

The Ascended Masters had been teaching me for about 25 years when I was first introduced to Dr. Usui's Reiki in 1995. My studies with the Ascended Masters were mostly related to the understanding of the subtle anatomy of the Higher Self and its relationship to the Personalities of The Godhead and Our One Creator. These are the basic teachings on the path of Service and Love.

Introduction to Reiki

After receiving the first degree attunement of Reiki Ryoho, a group of us began doing many Reiki treatments. We would meet once or twice a week and do Reiki treatments on friends and neighbors. I became more and more interested in Reiki and did some reading on the subject.

After studying Dianne Stein's book, Essential Reiki I was fascinated with the Reiki Symbols and learned to draw some of them. I wondered about using the Reiki Symbols in a Reiki Treatment. Although I was only a first degree practitioner, and first degree practitioner was not supposed to use the Reiki Symbols, I tried using them in a Reiki treatment anyway.

I mentally drew the symbols above the client during a group Reiki treatment. As I watched in amazement each symbol turned into a blue light over the person lying on the table. As each symbol hovered in the air above the person lying on the table, the symbol would change from blue light into white light and then drop into the heart of the person on the table. One at a time each symbol went through this process until all the symbols I knew had entered the heart of the person lying on the table receiving their Reiki treatment.

We kept giving Reiki treatments on a regular basis and I soon met an old acquaintance, Margaret Moore, who had recently become a Reiki Master. I arranged with her to receive the second degree attunement and worked at second degree for a short time and called Margaret and told her I was ready to receive the Master Level attunement. I told her that I wasn't ready to teach but I was ready to begin working with Reiki Energy on Master Level.

She thought it was too soon for me to be attuned to the Master Level but I assured her that I wasn't ready for the attunement for teaching but I was ready for working with Reiki Energy at the Master Level. After telling her my intentions the presence of the Holy Spirit witnessed with her that I was ready. We both felt and acknowledged the presence of the Holy Spirit and agreed that I really was ready to receive the attunement.

Margaret received Usui Reiki in three attunements and taught it in three attunements to her students. I knew very little about Reiki, but knew I was ready to receive the next attunement. She attuned me in the Master Practitioner Level which was totally new to her. Years later in studying Reiki I found out that there are Four Degrees of Reiki and that Master/Practitioner is the third degree and Master/Teacher is the fourth degree. 

Later when I was ready Margaret attuned me in the Master/Teacher level of Usui Shiki Ryoho which was a Fourth Degree Master Attunement for me. The whole process from the First Degree Attunement to the Fourth Degree Attunement took about five months.

The Practice

As I studied and practiced Reiki I also asked the Ascended Masters many questions about the Reiki Symbols and was taught by Them that the Reiki symbols had relationships to our subtle anatomy.


One day at work, while sitting outside at lunch break, the thought came to me that the spirals of Cho-Ku-Rei crossed the central vertical line of the Cho-Ku-Rei seven times.

At the moment of drawing the Cho-Ku-Rei with my finger in the sand, a long tunnel through time opened up from the Cho-Ku-Rei.


I had a memory of this symbol from some ancient past. And sure enough, as I drew the Cho-Ku-Rei in the sand it revealed the seven chakras.

The Awareness

Over time and many Reiki treatments I began to notice that Dr. Usui's Reiki did not directly attune the chakras above the head but only attuned from the Crown down. I became curious as to how to attune the chakras above the head.  I asked The Ascended Masters "How do you attune the chakras above the head"?

One day shortly after asking about the chakras above the head, I sat in meditation at my favorite spot down on East Beach in Ocean Springs, Mississippi (1997). A bright White Light began to shine within me. As I looked within and upward I could see the Ascended Masters place a symbol in each chakra above my head. Each symbol was associated with a particular chakra and Ascended Master. When they were finished I heard the Ascended Masters say "Ascension Reiki."

A couple of weeks later I delivered a Reiki Table that I had made for my Reiki Teacher, Margaret, in exchange for my Master Attunement in Usui Reiki. When she saw me she said" What have you been doing, your aura is so much brighter and the chakras above your head are all in alignment now. Her comment surprised me as I had no idea how much she could see.

I told her the story of being attuned in Ascension Reiki and she said "I Hope you wrote it all down". I told her that I had written it all down as soon as I got home after being attuned.

She said she would like to be attuned in Ascension Reiki. I was quite humbled that my Reiki Teacher wanted to be attuned by me. We met several times for Ascension Reiki attunements. The attunement energies were so powerful and profound that we both knew that Ascension Reiki was a gift from the Ascended Masters, from our One Creator, God.

The Search for Understanding

I studied for another year or so learning how the attunements of Ascension Reiki were connected with the Ascended Masters and the Reiki Symbols. I began to feel comfortable enough to teach my first class in Ascension Reiki in 1999-2000. That is when I met Leslie for the first time. It was a good class.  I had written a manual for the first degree, but after class realized that I needed to write a manual for all the Degrees of Ascension Reiki.

At that time is when I realized that "The Book of Remembrance", which had been a purely inspirational book connecting the teachings of the Ascended Masters with our subtle anatomy, needed to evolve into the Manual for Ascension Reiki. And it needed to be done before I taught another class. Making that transition took over a year. Afterwards, I was ready to teach a second degree class.

The night before I taught the Second Degree Class of Ascension Reiki I had a dream about a woman in a long white dress. I couldn't see her face because it was hidden by a veil of light.  In the dream the woman in the long white dress and I met on a street car and began talking. I told her my stop was next and got up from my seat to leave. Much to my surprise she also got up to get off at the same stop.  I looked back to see if the street car was named Desire. I couldn't see the name. 

We walked a short distance and stopped and sat on the top of three cement steps. Behind the three steps the Desire Projects lay in rubble. They had been torn down. We sat on the three steps with the rubble of the Desire Projects not too far behind us. We talked for a while and then kissed. The dream ended with a deep spiritual feeling.

I didn't think a lot about the dream until the next day at the Second Degree Ascension Reiki class. Leslie was wearing a long white dress just like the one in the dream. I thought to my self, "Hum, that's interesting. She is wearing a long white dress and looks just like the woman in the dream." I didn't think any more about it at the time. A dream is just a dream I thought. Actually I tried not to think about it and just concentrate on the class.

Elohim-Symbol During the class (Feb. 18, 2001) when Leslie was being attuned something very profound happened.  I was standing on Leslie's left side and drew The Elohim Symbol, as usual, full size from the top of the head to the base of the spine and sent it to Leslie. I watched The Elohim Symbol drift into her.



When the Elohim Symbol was received by Leslie it turned into white light and wings grew at the top. The wings began to flap. As the wings flapped, the Elohim Symbol began turning into an angel and flew off into Heaven.

I never had anything like that happen during an attunement. It certainly got my attention and I told the class what I had seen.

After the second degree class, Leslie said she would like to get to know me better. I remembered the woman in the dream with the long white dress. I began to realize I had been give the dream for a reason. We started e-mailing each other and sharing many ideas.  I became even more interested in Leslie when I learned that she was teaching Restorative Yoga and incorporating Reiki in her work. As our friendship developed I realized that the veil of light covering Leslie's face in the dream was the same kind of veil as was covering the woman in the vision that Mother Mary had given me so many years before.

The Visitation

In 1970 at the age of twenty, I was beginning to feel the social and environmental concerns on this planet. I could feel the pain and suffering of people around the world as well as the imbalance of energy in the earth's environment. I could see great beauty as well as great sadness on earth.  There was a lot of confusion in my life especially about relationships and I wondered if there was such a thing as True Love. At 20 years old I was pretty lost.

One Sunday afternoon as I lay on my sofa relaxing, an Ascended Personage entered my room. She stood high above the floor as if she was partly in this physical world and partly in another. I knew instantly She was Mother Mary even though I had no religious background.

She made a large beam of light shine from her mind to my mind. It was a deep blue light with some white in it. The beam of light was about as big around as our heads and was beyond words in its beauty and essence. 

In this beam of light we communicated with thoughts. I could see Her thoughts travel between us like great galaxies of information. We could understand each other just like talking but without speaking. I was so in awe of how beautiful and free this way of communicating was that I didn't notice how long her visitation was. At the end of our conversation Mother Miriam (Mother Mary) asked me if I would like to straighten out my life. 

I told her "Yes".

Mother Miriam then left.

The Seven's of Time

The experience was so beyond my normal consciousness that I forgot about the experience until about two weeks later when Mother Miriam gave me a vision.  In the vision I saw seven; Seven Year Periods of Time unfold. The seven, Seven Year Periods of Time began in 1949 and ended in 1998.

In the vision there was a short span of time just after 1998. After this brief span of time I saw myself playing a musical instrument. There was a woman there also. I could not see who she was, what she was doing or what she looked like because she was behind a veil of light. 

From the future in the East I saw clouds rolling in. A lightening bolt came out of the clouds toward the woman and me. As the lightening bolt came down out of the clouds it forked in two. One fork of the lightening bolt struck the woman and the other fork of the lightning bolt struck me. The lightening bolt then lifted us off the earth and joined us together into one lightening bolt which ascended into the clouds and went off into the heavens. Another undetermined amount of time passed and I saw The Great Spirit enter the Earth. The Vision ended there. 

After receiving the vision, Mother Miriam began to guide my life. She unfolded many beautiful things to me as I learned to pray and meditate. 

The Ladder

One day as I was meditating in my favorite spot by the lagoon my forehead opened up into Heaven. I saw a ladder coming down from Heaven to Earth. I sensed the presence of angels ascending and descending along the sides of the ladder. 
I saw a white light begin to flow down the ladder like water. A voice spoke from the water and said "Would you give up your Soul to help others?" 

I thought a minute and wondered if the soul was perhaps a part of the ego. After thinking it over I said "Yes" 

After that my life didn't seem like my own anymore. I was guided even more easily in the outer world and in my dreams. I could easily understand and hear the still small voice of guidance within.

The Ascended Masters

Mother Miriam introduced me to the Master Yeshua (Jesus). Yeshua introduced me to The Elohim (Seven Spirits of God, Sevens of Time), Yasodhara and Buddha, Uma and Brahman, Radharani and Krishna; The I AM Presence and The Unmanifested One and acquainted me with Melchizedek. I became a student of the Ascended Masters and Our One Creator. 

I was led to rent an old share croppers house that had no running water, just a hand pump. It was $12.50 a month rent and about $8.00 in electricity. I did some carpentry work and survived on about $150.00 per month. I basically lived to study with the Ascended Masters and Our Creator. I lived this way for about three years. 

I would be taught lessons by the Ascended Masters and then someone would come along and give me a book and the same lessons would be in the book. Books came my way like The Book of Mormon, The Bhagavad Gita, Aquarian Gospel, The teachings of The Compassionate Buddha, Books on Yoga, books on music, art and color and so on.

During this three year period Mother Miriam taught me a mantra (Breath of The Elohim) for making contact with Our Creator and staying on the path. As I used the mantra I was taken into the presence of the Creator many times to receive lessons, reassurance and guidance. 

One day the Lord asked me, "Will you write a book"? 

I remember thinking, "I am not a writer but if you want me to I will".

A few minutes later I realized I didn't know what to call the book. So I asked, "What shall I call the book"?

The Lord said "The Book of Remembrance."

I remember thinking "That sounds like a great name for a book".

At the time I was studying The New Testament and decided it was time to read the Bible from cover to cover. I was also reading The Book of Mormon which the Mormons had given to me because I promised to read it. 

As I was reading in the Book of Mormon I came upon a part of the story in "3 Nephi" where Yeshua (Jesus) had visited the people on the American Continent shortly after his Resurrection. He was teaching the people and healing them and even quoting some scriptures from Isaiah and other books of the Bible. According to the book, this group of people were a tribe of Israel who had migrated from the area around Jerusalem to the American Continent around 400 BC. Yeshua visited them and taught them.

As I read through the account of Yeshua's visit with these people I came upon a most curious passage in which Yeshua talked about "A Book of Remembrance" that would be written. As I read in astonishment I noticed a footnote that said to compare it with verses in the Book of Malachi of the Bible.  I went into shock when I found that Yeshua had been quoting from the third chapter of Malachi and that "A Book of Remembrance" was also mentioned in the Bible. (The Book of Mormon- 3 Nephi 24:14-18, The Bible- Malachi 3:14-18)

When I read the scriptures about "A Book of Remembrance" I began thinking "Oh my God, What are you doing to me? Yeshua is talking about 'A Book of Remembrance' and you asked me to write a book and to call it 'The Book of Remembrance'.

I became a little afraid and asked "Lord you're not going to turn me into some kind of Bible nut are you?"

I have struggled for almost 40 years writing this book.  I Hope that I have brought honor to Our Creator with this work and that it is helpful to others who read it.   
I prayed for years for a way to be able to give to others.  I even wrote several versions of the Book of Remembrance and gave them away. But there always seemed to be something missing. Ascension Reiki came along and everything began to make sense.

Twin Souls Meet

Sometime in the year of 1999- 2000 Leslie and I met for the first time at my first formal Ascension Reiki Class. This was right on time with of it in the vision given to me by Miriam in 1970. We didn't really get to know each until over a year later when I gave a second degree class in Ascension Reiki in Feb. 2001.

God lifted the veils so we could recognize each other and be together and know that we were truly brought together by God and not of our own doing. Together we have received so much more than I could have ever received from the Ascended Masters by myself. I am so thankful for Leslie being in my life. She is my equal and I Truly Love her with all my Heart.

The Wedding

Leslie and Jayson were married December 8th, 2003. They chose this day to honor Mother Mary for bringing them together because it's Her Feast Day of The Immaculate Conception. December the 8th is also the day that Buddha received Enlightenment.

The Miracle Begins

About a year after Leslie and I were married, Yeshua asked me to give Leslie a copy of The Bible. I was a little nervous about it for a lot of reasons, so I tried not to think about it. One day the Spirit moved me to go to a book store and get her a Bible. I was really unsure of what I was doing and found myself sitting outside the book store wondering if I was doing the right thing. I questioned the Lord again about it "Are you sure you want me to give Leslie a copy of the Bible". The Holy Spirit was tugging on my heart to do the right thing.

The moment I made the conscious choice to go in to the book store to get her a Bible, Yeshua said "The Miracle Begins".

I told Leslie the story of getting the Bible for her and she felt very honored and humbled at the same time knowing that Yeshua had asked me to give it to her. As Leslie studied, she began to search the concordance to gain insights into the words in the Bible. She was guided to begin studying the Hebrew meaning of words in the Bible.

Her studies of the meanings of Hebrew words opened the Door of the Hebrew Aleph-Beit (Alphabet). Aleph and Bet are the first two letters of the Hebrew alphabet and from these two letters come the word alphabet (Aleph-Bet). Her studies of the Hebrew Aleph-Bet opened the mysteries of the Kabbalah, The Sepher Yetzirah, Midrash, the Hebrew Calendar and other mystical knowledge. 

Eyes Open

According to the Hebrew sources Leslie studied we learned the The Hebrew Aleph-Beit was given to Adam and Eve and the Aleph-Bet, its mysteries and its knowledge has been passed down through the ages.

Yeshua said, "I AM the Aleph and the Tav, the Beginning and the end, who is and who was and who is to come, the Almighty." "I am the Aleph and the Tav, the First and the Last". (Revelation ch. 1:8 & 11)

The Aleph and the Tav are the first and last letters of the Hebrew Aleph-Beit.  Briefly The Aleph is a silent letter that is the beginning of all letters. When you open your mouth to speak a letter, that is Aleph. The letter Tav is the Word of God that is given to humanity for its salvation.

How appropriate it is that The Twenty-two Living Letters are letters of a healing alphabet and language of Our Creator and that this living Alpha-Beit is a miraculous manifestation of Miriam and Yeshua who are the very Ones sent to earth for the healing of Humanity.

Studying and learning with Leslie is a most miraculous journey. I am much more of a beginner than she is but as we share insights into the Hebrew Language and Aleph-Beit the connections with Reiki are becoming apparent.

As we share in this we are opened to such Grace that words can't describe the Joy we experience in this learning process. The Hebrew Aleph-Bet is the Reiki Alphabet of the almost lost and forgotten Healing Language of Our One Creator. 

We Hope that our story will be of service to those who read it. 

In Love and Light, 
Leslie and Jayson

A Letter of encouragement

written to a Student of Ascension Reiki, from Leslie

I hold a Big Sigh in my heart for you because I most definitely know how you feel about being attuned in Ascension Reiki.  The Reiki Path that has been opened to you has been opened to you By God, No one else.  You found us Because God wanted you to.  You have trust in us because you have witnessed Good things, Affirmations, from Our Lord, as Our Mother and Father that show you that Ascension Reiki is Good – because it Is of God. 

Your path, as we know so well, is the Path of Healing the world today - Tikkun Olam.
Your path is about Trusting God and offering yourself in Service through the Knowledge that is Light and Love which are The Healing Rays of Light and Love.
Jayson has walked this path of Healing for almost 40 years.  It was given and opened to him by Mother Mary, as Miriam.  When he received Ascension Reiki he barely knew what Reiki was.

Because of his Love and devotion for Mother Mary, Jayson walked the path that she opened to him.  He Trusted her, and because of that Trust and the trust of all those who have been Attuned in Ascension Reiki, the Path of Ascension Reiki has evolved to the point of where it is today.

Ascension Reiki is a Pure Form of Reiki that is Gifted to us through the Knowledge of God that flows through the Healing Rays of Light and Love. That Knowledge is like the backbone, the DNA, within the Light. The Light is made of The Living Letters, The Living Names and The Living Forms of God.

The Knowledge of Ascension Reiki is from the Path of the Truth of the Light of the Fields of Divine Nature....The Path Way Home....Ascension Reiki is about Re-Membering Home.   Re-Membering Home within each one of us...Re-Membering that this Knowledge, this backbone of Light is within each one of us....   This Knowledge is of the Highest Form of God. 

At first glance Ascension Reiki seems to be the most difficult to understand, because it is Invisible.  It is a Mystery!  You cannot manipulate or Will Reiki healing from this Divine Source, you must learn the Path of True Surrender and be open to Receive.  This form of Reiki is a Gift from the Realms of The Unmanifested as God. As you open your heart and Surrender to the Path, Our Teacher and Friend, as The Unmanifested will show you The Way.

We are just beginning to learn the words, the speech, and the language of this Reiki.......but as you can see, you do not have to Know all of this to be able to help someone.  The Knowledge is based on Faith and on the Discipline of Intuitive Listening. 

Ascension Reiki is about allowing the Will of God to work through you, not of your own Will, but through the Living Waters of Light and Love… (Invisible)…that flow through the Mind of God as Yasodhara and Buddha.

Ascension Reiki is based on Trust and Intuition....and letting God show you what needs to be focused on, trusting in the Wisdom of God through the 7's of Time (the Seven Spirits) and the Four Directions. 

Ascension Reiki is The Light, Love and Wisdom of Reiki in this New Age. In time, the masses will discover the Jewel that is held within The Truth of this Most Precious Gift.

At this point, you are being taught through your own experiences and lessons by God. You know in your heart what to say.  Because you are learning the Truth as it is being unfolded to you.  Speak from that place.  I know you will say the most beautiful words that you could ever hope to say.  Trust, and speak from your heart.
Ascension Reiki has brought me closer to God than any book or any religion.  I can only Hope that others will be led to this most beautiful path the way you have.  By trusting in the Healing Powers of the Lord, through the Faith within their hearts, they will see....they will see.
Speak from your Heart, Speak the Truth, Stand Strong......Chazak!  You are Loved,